Fox Hill Garden Club


Resources for Horticultural, Environmental and GCA


Agricultural Pest Control 617-727-3031

Arnold Arboretum, Plant Information 617-524-1717

Commonwealth of Massachusetts 617-722-2000

           Lobby phone connecting all offices for State Reps and Senators


Current Endangered and Invasive Species List 508-289-6360

            MA National Heritage Program                                           

            Division of Fisheries and Wildlife

            Route 135

            Westborough, MA 01581 


Garden Club of America 212-753-8287

14 East 60th Street fax:  212-753-0134

New York, NY 10022




GCA Hotline 202-293-1351

            National Affairs, Legislation


GCA Zone 1 (19 clubs)             

            Abby Coffin, Zone 1 Director

            Bet Baker, Zone 1 Chair

    Helen Glaenzer, Zone 1 Vice Chair               


Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts

Massachusetts Horticultural Society 617-933-4900

            900 Washington St.

            Wellesley, MA 02482


NE Wildflower Society/Garden in the Woods

Rutgers University:

    Landscape Plants by Deer Resistance

Soil Testing Laboratory

            West Experiment Station

            University of MA

            Amherst, MA 01003

            *for more info and forms: www.umass.ed/plsoils/soiltest


Tower Hill Botanic Garden
Worcester Horticultural Society
11 French Drive
Boylston, MA  01505

Well Water Test                                                                   800-426-8378
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GCA Public Website
GCA Zone 1 Public website
Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts website
New England Wildflower Society website
Landscape Plants by Deer Resistance